By Andy Vanstone

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Welcome to A & J Poultry

We are a family owned business located in the South West of England, specialising in breeding rare and traditional breeds of chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys, geese and game birds.

Our emphasis is on the quality, purity and health of our poultry.

Whether you are a first time keeper or long time enthusiast, we aim to offer a level service that doesn’t stop when you leave the farm. We are happy to offer help and advice to all potential customers.
Our Products

* Fertile hatching eggs
* Day old chicks
* Growers
* Point of lay pullets
* Breeding pairs and trios
* Stock Cockerels

Oxford Old English Game

Oxford Old English Game

Our Breeds

We currently keep over 80 breeds. Please email us for a detailed list of our breeds.

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